• Are you a technology-agnostic, holistic, creative and senior lead developer?
  • Do you want to take ownership in creating a world-class integration platform for architectural visualizations?
  • Do you want to be the key player that gets to choose our architecture from start, joining in on a fantastic journey in our mission to expand our business, disrupting our industry?
  • Do you want to thrive in a truly creative environment with like-minded and highly committed bright minds?

Then this is it, the creative and entrepreneurial-spirited workplace that you have been looking for! We are looking for you as well, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us since this might be your brightest career-move ever. Keep reading!


Along its core business TMRW have been working on a new software called Open House. The software has a huge market demand and attracts clients who want to use an integrated solution for both the presentation of future projects and the analysis of customer behaviour. It provides a unique market solution, bridging the gap between real time architectural visualization and CRM/sales systems together with important and convenient metadata. TMRW has a playbook ready on how to build the system as well as a Frontend/3D demo in place. The core-team today, consists of a Design-Lead and a 3D-Frontend developer.


The time is now right for a full-stack lead developer to choose a tech stack and start developing the Open House solution, scalable backend-subsystem together with the administrative frontend.

The tech-stack is not set in stone although there is an idea to build it in JavaScript and Mongo DB. We foresee that the tech team will grow, and your role will furthermore comprise of design, development, and tech lead.


For the best cultural fit, we believe that you primarily enjoy working at the office together with the rest of the team, good at collaboration and human to human interaction. As an interdisciplinary professional, prestige less, driven, with excellent internal and external communication skills. Or to put It simply, a committed, customer oriented, technology leader, designer and coder that enjoys creative teamwork.

As a technically agnostic Fullstack Lead Developer you argue well for the best tech choices and set the keystones for the architecture from start. You act open mindedly with the ability to switch between technologies if needed, you see the trends and are a visionary within the field.


To manage well in the role, we believe that you have at least seven or more years of professional work experience in an agile, technology-agnostic environment. You will work with technical discussions, research, requirements, architecture, design, implementation, prototyping, MVP, customers, team members in a modern, flexible, refreshing, and creative work environment.



  • Logic: Node.js/TypeScript/JavaScript or ASP.Net C# or Java EE/Jakarta EE
  • Persistence layer: Preferably NoSQL / MongoDB
  • Additionally: Large file storage (AWS S3, Mongo Grid FS, Google Cloud Storage)
  • Connecting to third party services/CRM systems over REST API’s. Managing authentication and information security


  • Vanilla JS or React.js, Vue.js, Blazor & ASP.Net
  • Good understanding of: HTML5/DOM/CSS

Meritorious / Nice to have

  • WebGL / WebGPU, Canvas API / SVG

Contact & Application

Are you the ONE we’re looking for? If so, get ready to become a key-player on a great journey in a great team. As selections and interviews are made on an ongoing basis, please send your application as soon as possible. All applications and personal information are handled with confidentiality. Don’t hesitate to contact us! Please apply by clicking “Im in” below.

If you have any questions, please contact Omar Burazerovic, Recruitment Consultant at Aliby on 0728-897441

About TMRW

Founded in Gothenburg, Sweden and situated in the modern Platinan building at Mårten Krakowgatan 2 near the Central station. TMRW has been in the business of architectural visualization for well over two decades, although we feel that we are merely getting warmed up.

The transformation in building construction, city planning and shaping of spaces is rapidly changing today. The key to an amazing visualization experience is talented people, this is also why we are home to some of the best visual designers, 3D artists and pixel crunchers in the world.

With offices in Europe, North America and Asia we continue to push the boundaries of extraordinary visualizations that change skylines and presents a bright future that people want to be a part of. Besides compelling images and animations, we are creating and refining high-end platforms that makes it easy for architects and developers to create virtual tours, adding valuable data of convenience to the experience.