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Created by developers, for developers, tretton37 is a knowledge-driven company on a mission to fight bad code, one line at a time. Since 2010, we have grown to almost 200 handpicked crafters that love to learn as much as we love to work within a company that embraces a kind and supportive atmosphere. We challenge and change the world daily through our focus on quality and the pride we take in everything we do. Nothing else is good enough – we are always striving for more.

Tech Lead at tretton37

At tretton37, we are supporting our clients with well-crafted custom software. We do this, either by going into the client’s organisation working with the processes and methods defined by the client and supporting our clients with capacity and knowledge. We can also support our clients with a delivery engagement where we are taking the task to our organisation where we drive the work with all the required skills to deliver a software product.

As Tech Lead, you will be the person ensuring the technical quality in our delivery engagement. You are leading technical architecture to ensure the delivered software is a good fit in the clients IT-landscape. At the same time, you are working with the development team to ensure the target architecture isn’t just a paper product but actually reflected in the developed software.

The days will vary for supporting the sales team, workshopping with the client to scope the delivery and together with the team, ensure that we deliver to the client.

Your technical background

  • You are fluent in multiple programming languages and have basic knowledge from addtional languages
  • You have a full-stack profile, likely with a backend focus
  • Integrations are more than REST API:s, you know which approach that is the right approach for the given task
  • You are using patterns as a way of building the shared vocabulary, but also to avoid re-inventing the wheel for a known type of problem
  • You understand the basic concepts of security and know when to bring the security expert to the table
  • You have a solid understanding of developing cloud-based solutions

Your work background

  • You have a solid understanding of how all skills from business analysts and UX-designers to developers and QA-engineers come together to deliver high-quality software
  • You are able to understand and explain technically complex concepts for non-engineers
  • You are able to understand and explain the business challenge for engineers
  •  You have a strong agile mindset, at the same time, you are street smart when acting in organisations that aren’t as agile

Your personal background

  • With your advisory skills, you are able to go from vision to action
  • You are fluent in both Swedish and English
  • You are living in (or planning relocate to) Stockholm
  • You enjoy working in a distributed team

Why work for tretton37?

We challenge everything and we put knowledge in the spotlight.

We have many different ways to assure that we never stop sharing knowledge among ourselves, with our clients and with the community.

Tribes, Leetlunches and Knowabungas are just a few (eccentrically named) examples of how we meet up, socialise and share knowledge. We also love to contribute to the community in any way we can – through open source projects, Code Lunches, or our yearly developer conference – Leetspeak.

Combine all this with the freedom of having your own knowledge budget (or Ninja Budget as we call it) to be spent on conferences, additional tooling, education, licenses or gadgets and add a supporting family spirit on top of it. Our mission “Creating value by sharing knowledge” is without a doubt a central part of everything we do.

We are tretton37

When two experienced developers working at a large consultancy firm founded tretton37 in 2010 in Lund, they did it to challenge the industry standards. Tired of being called a resource, they decided to create a knowledge-based company where they would love to work at themselves.

They envisioned an admired company, which would show genuine care for its people, community and clients through sharing knowledge. Throughout the sharing process, all these stakeholders would receive a value – something that is extremely important for every single one of them and helps them develop and grow. This is how tretton37 works really hard to earn your admiration.


If You are interested of this position or have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact our responsible recruitment consultant Lars Ohlson, +46705888175 / lars.ohlson@aliby.se, or Michaela Wahlberg, +46704934829 / michaela.wahlberg@aliby.se. Or simple hit it below!